Focusing On Food Waste Disposers
Hangzhou HighSun Electric is an innovated technology company focusing on food waste disposers (garbage disposals) and accessories to meet the real needs of consumers worldwide.
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Home kitchen waste disposal solution
Food Waste Disposer
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Air Switch
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Small noise
Have a normal conversation while garbage disposal is running
The most advanced treatment can be provided anywhere.
The core is firmness.
disposers is the rugged and reliable high torque motor
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Grind more types of food waste Less noise!less smell!

Carrying on a normal conversation while the garbage disposal is running. It’s possible with HighSun Electric, the most advanced disposals available anywhere.

All disposals are engineered with advanced technologies that help them handle more types of food waste and to make far less noise while doing it. Even tough waste like corn husks, bones and melon rinds are easily whisked away.

At the heart of  disposers is the rugged and high torque motor, which is designed to provide years of dependable performance.

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HSA-10FR Air Switch
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Jam Wrench
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More than 18 years professional manufacturing experience.
Households using HighSun are protecting natural resources and helping to protect our environment.
Frequently Asked Questions
Method of Using Food Waste Disposal Unit
Waste disposal can provide a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to sending residues to landfills. In addition, capable waste water treatment plants can even recycle food residues into energy and fertilizers.
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