European Disposal Air Switch
European Disposal Air Switch
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Our Countertop Disposal Air Switch works like a button on your sink that is an alternative to a wall switch. It uses the pressure of air to turn on and off your garbage disposal. This Is an easy way to get power to your garbage disposal without the complexity of hard wiring and outlet while being able to add just a bit of decor!

This model is aiming at food waste disposers with European or German socket. Don’t pay for an electrician to install an electric switch to connect with your food waste disposer. With 3 easy steps, you can have your own air activated for your sink disposer with no complicated wiring or paying someone else to put it in. The install is easy. If you have an existing hole in your sink top, the Install could take less than 10 mins. If a sink hole is not available, a 1 3/8″ hole may be drilled in any nearby wood fixture on the front or top of the sink cabinet.

※ Model:HSA-10EU-SL
※ Voltage:220-240V ac,
※ Current:10A
※ One set includes all-in-one controlling box, air button,black tube (1.8 M)
※ CE certified
※ Air button color: brushed antique copper,brushed bronze,gun-black,bright chrome