Method of Using Food Waste Disposal and air switch
Waste disposal can provide a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to sending residues to landfills. In addition, capable waste water treatment plants can even recycle food residues into energy and fertilizers. While air switch makes your operation of waste disposal safer to avoid electrictiy shock.
What kind of food waste can be put down my garbage disposal?

All types of food waste can be put down your disposer such as vegetable peels, fibrous materials, small bones, fruit pits, etc. Make sure when you do grind materials that you run lots of water through the sink while the unit runs. Items that you SHOULD NOT put down your disposer include large whole bones, clams, oyster shells, whole corn husks, glass, china, plastic, bottle caps, tin, aluminum foil, utensils, caustic drain cleaner, hot grease, or other hot liquids.

How to un-jam it if my disposal is jammed?

To unjam the unit you first need to shut off its power.  Depending on your model and wiring configuration you can unplug the power cord from the wall or turn the breaker box switch to the off position.  Next, remove the stopper and/or splashguard.  Check to see if the turntable will rotate freely by using a wooden broom or mop handle.  Place the handle down the disposer and use one of the two impellers to put force on the turntable.  Keep in mind it is not the impellers that need to be moving freely, you are just using the impellers to put force onto the turntable.  If the turntable rotates freely, replace splashguard and check the reset button to see if it has been tripped.  Push the button in until it clicks and remains depressed.  If reset button has not been tripped, check for a short or broken wire connection to the disposer, electrical power switch, fuse box, or circuit breaker.  If the wiring and electrical components are intact, the unit may have internal problems that require service or replacement.

Troubleshooting a Spa Air Switch

Many hot tubs and spas utilize an air switch to control various functions of the tub. An air switch consists of a pneumatic air button located at spa-side and a pneumatic-activated electrical, air switch located with the spa electronics. The only connection between the two is a small air hose. This arrangement eliminates the shock hazard of activating a regular switch energized with 120 volts or 220 volts with wet hands while submerged in water. Troubleshooting involves determining if the problem is with the pneumatics or the electronics.

Things You’ll Need

  • 3 foot piece of 1/4 inch tubing
  • Multimeter
  • Replacement air button
  • Replacement air switch
  • Safety glasses

Turn the power off to the hot tub. Open the door to the spa electronics. Push the air button for the suspect switch and listen for the audible click of the electrical portion of the switch. If no click is heard, check the pneumatic tubing for holes or a loose connection and replace accordingly. Repeat the air button and listening for the click. If a click is heard, turn the power on and verify correct operation of the switch circuit.

Turn the power off to the hot tub. Remove the pneumatic tubing from the suspect switch and install a air button that is known to work. Repeat the air button and listening for the click. If a click is heard, turn the power on and verify correct operation of the switch.

Turn the power off to the hot tub. Determine the type of switch for the suspect switch by looking up the identification number or by counting the number of poles. Air switches are single pole single throw (SPST) with two poles, single pole double throw (SPDT) with three3 poles, double pole single throw (DPST) with four poles, double pole double throw (DPDT) with six poles, or multifunction sequential a with varying number of poles .

Connect the multimeter to a set of power leg/switch leg poles. Since there are only two poles on a SPST air switch, make the connection to each pole. Operate the air button. The multimeter should, alternately, show continuity and no continuity, as the air button is operated. If the multimeter does not show continuity of the air switch, replace the switch.

Repeat the continuity test while operating the air button for each set of power leg/switch leg poles. If any of the pole sets fail to switch on and off, the switch is non-functional and should be replaced with a similar air switch.

Garbage disposal switch options – Air Switch vs Wireless

Traditionally garbage disposal switches are wall mounted. But it poses a risk of electric shock as most people operate it while their hands are wet.

That’s why many companies came up with the idea of an air switch.

An air switch has no direct electrical connections. A remote switch is operated by it with the help of a puff of air.

Then came wireless switches. As you guessed these switches operate wirelessly.

So what’s the difference between the two? Which would be a better choice for your garbage disposal?

Let’s see in detail:

Air Switch

The air switch kit has mainly three components;

  1. Air switch
  2. airtight hose
  3. power control unit

The air switch is basically a push button which can be mounted on the counter top or the sink. It is connected to an airtight hose. The other end of the hose is connected to the power control unit which in turn is connected to the power supply on one end and the garbage disposal on the other.

When the air switch button is pushed, a pulse of air travels to the power control unit which turns on a switch. As a result, the power control unit activates the garbage disposal.

As the switch doesn’t come in direct contact with any electrical circuits the chances of getting an electric shock is zero.

Pros of using an air switch

  • Complete safety from electrical shocks
  • Available in different shades that complement counter top designs


  • Installation costs
  • Have to drill the counter top for installation
  • The air switch may corrode due to its proximity with chemicals used to clean the counter top

Best air switch for garbage disposals

  • So many switch cover options to match any counter top designs. The options include chrome, red oil bronze or satin brushed nickel,antique red copper, golden rose,brass,matte black,bright black etc.
  • 6 ft power cord & air hose.
  • Secondary outlet for alternate appliance
  • Affordable and most popular choice

Wireless Switch

Wireless switch kits are now available for garbage disposals. It consists of two parts;

  1. Push button
  2. Wireless power module

In the case of a garbage disposal wireless switch, the power module is simply plugged into the power supply socket just like you connect an adapter plug. And like an adapter, this module also has a socket to which the garbage disposal cord is connected.

Once you push the button it activates the power module which in turn activates the disposer. Simple, huh?

This is much easier to install than an air switch and can be operated from a distance though no one will practically do that.

You can keep the push button anywhere, like in a drawer or just mount it on the wall using a 3M tape.


  • Simple installation
  • Zero chance of electric hazards
  • Zero wires
  • Affordable pricing
  • No chances of corrosion


  • Not as good looking as an air switch
  • Sometime,its frequency is same as yours of the TV set. That’s to say,when you open your TV and your garbage disposal will be open,too

Best wireless switch

  • Easy to install
  • range up to 15 meters
  • can be used to operate any switches
  • Best for disposals <1.5HP
Differences Between AC Motor And DC Motor for food waste disposer(garbage disposal)

DC motor:

1.DC motor is permanent magnet DC motor,is a brush motor.

2.Simple structure,reliable performance and accurate location

3.High speed, smooth operation, speed is independent of frequency and voltage. At present, domestic and foreign mainstream dc garbage processor speed setting generally in 3500-4500 RPM, speed and noise, service life is directly related. Low speed: low noise, small wear, small centrifugal force, small processing capacity, limited processing capacity; High rotation speed: increased noise, increased wear, large centrifugal force, good treatment effect.

4.Self-balancing feature: when the dc motor load increases, namely the resistance on the armature shaft torque increases, the motor speed is reduced, produce counter electromotive force is reduced, in the case of a constant applied voltage, so as to increase the electromagnetic torque, and until the electromagnetic torque increases to for balance, and resistance torque of motor in low speed corresponds to the larger loads to do balance, on the other hand, the motor can under light load to the corresponding smooth running at a high speed. Therefore, when the load of dc motor changes, the armature current, speed and torque will be automatically adjusted accordingly to meet the demand of driving different loads, which is also the principle of automatic torque balance of dc motor.

5.Carbon brush and commutator friction spark and noise

6.Lifetime limit of brush and commutator

food waste disposer family

AC motor:

1.AC motor, ac asynchronous carbon single phase induction motor.

2.Capacitor starting: high cost, large starting current, large starting torque.

3.Capacitance operation type: no starting device, simple structure, reliable work, small starting torque, suitable for frequent occasions, can be positive and negative;

Capacitance starting-running type: many accessories, complex structure, high price, large starting current, large starting torque, high power factor;

Single-phase resistance phase separation (start) type: after the end of start, start winding automatically cut off.


First:The structure is relatively simple (more complicated than permanent magnet dc), and the operation is more reliable

Second:Low noise,long life

Third:Small startup torque, small startup speed, if food waste into a large number of garbage processor, may lead to the machine card

Fourth:Starting the instant current is large, there is a certain safety hazard

Fifth:Speed and frequency related, the speed of the lower general maximum 1600 revolution

garbage disposal with ac motor